Lauren Hessler’s Unit

Enriching women’s lives one face at a time

Lauren’s Story

Mary Kay found me when I was a senior in college! Even though I was focused on finishing my degree, it looked like the perfect way to have a fun hobby that also made some extra money – and it was! I built great friendships and enjoyed learning about skin care and makeup, never dreaming that just 2 short years later, when my job would go through massive layoffs, my Mary Kay side hustle would be able to step up! Taking all the business knowledge and skills I’d gained in that time, I ramped up my efforts and went on target for my first company car the same month I left my full-time job, earning it 3 months later, and debuting as a sales director the month after!  Now over a decade later, I am immensely grateful for the flexibility and freedom my business allows me & my family!

Build Your Business

Our unit is called the Leading Ladies unit, after a line from the movie “The Holiday”, where a woman is reminded by a movie director that she is not meant to be the supporting character in her own life, she’s the leading lady, and needs to act as such!  Our unit is made up of powerful and confident women of integrity, and I am so blessed to lead them!


My Commitment To You

I sincerely abide by “The Golden Rule” and strive to treat my customers and consultants with the respect and care that I would want to receive.

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